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We understand how important your education is to your career, experience, and employability. We want to connect you with local employers who need and appreciate the skills you bring to the table!

Does this sound like you?

Who we are looking for:Currently enrolled or recently graduated:

  • Undergraduate Students

  • Graduate Students

  • Licensure or Certificate program students

  • 18 yrs.+

  • Desire to intern with local small businesses.

  • Committed to supporting sustainable development practices and principles in your careers and the companies you work with.

  • Willingness to mentor.


  • Do I need to be enrolled in a sustainability program to participate?

    • Sustainability stretches across the curriculum. You could be enrolled in HR, Marketing, Communications, Management, Design, the Arts, Business, Engineering, Sustainable Technologies, Renewable Energy, Environmental Studies and Management, Climate Science, Sustainable Development, Accounting, and many other college programs. You should be committed to supporting the goals and values of sustainable development in your career with an understanding of how these strategies apply to your experience and education.

  • How do I become an intern?

    • To get started, you can contact us directly through our website or check with your school's career platform to find our listing. This is a free service for students.

    • We'll gather some general information, schedule a time to talk with you directly to get a better understanding of what you are looking for, and start the matching process.

  • I'm about to graduate. Is it too late to do an internship?

    • No. Ideally, students will be in the last two to four semesters of their program.

    • We want to help place you in an internship  that allows you to develop a clear career plan and a pathway to get you there!

  • I'm returning to school to train for a second career. Is this for me?

    • Absolutely! We assist 1st and 2nd career students.

  • What kind of schedule will I be working?

    • Most internships require students to complete an average of 160 hours per internship (~10 hours/week over the course of a semester). However, each institution and academic program is different. We'll work with you to ensure you get the most from this experience.

  • Are internships paid?

    • Yes. Our best recommendation for equitable internships is that students be paid a minimum of $15/hr. for their work but we encourage our small business clients to consider a living wage for their area. We also work with colleges and universities to identify assistance programs for unpaid or underpaid internships. All wages are the responsibility of the host company.

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