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Small Businesses

We know how much small business members put into their companies. Small SEEDS provides developmental supports that save time and money in recruitment and training costs, and improve turnover rates by connecting you with candidates who share your visions and values. We design sustainable employment, education, and development strategies that grow with your company.

Does this sound like you?

Who WWe serve as a support to all small businesses who embrace their role in the sustainable development of their companies and communities. We want to connect you with students who share these values and possess the skills to help you meet your current and future development needs.

  • Commitment to sustainable development processes and practices.

  • Ability to support an intern through training and mentorship.

  • Ability to commit to an internship program for 16+ weeks.

  • 250 or fewer employees.

  • Willingness to mentor in the community.

  • Operating for 1 year or more.


  • I don't know if my company qualifies as a small sustainable business?

    • It can be difficult to define what makes a business sustainable. Doing what you can, any time you can, whenever you can to innovate your business model in ways that advance human, economic, environmental, and social components enables you to develop your company sustainably. The idea that you have to embrace every technology or practice at once can seem impossible. We encourage small businesses to look for pathways to build on these aspects that make sense for them. 

  • Is this only for sustainability projects?

    • No. You may need a student to help with social media, marketing, human resources, field work, digitization, outreach, office management...the possibilities are endless. However, it is much easier to be successful when team members believe in your company's mission and purpose. We want to connect your company with students that share the values and goals you have set for your company, possessing the skills and ability to meet many different types of project needs.

  • Isn't this something colleges should be doing?

    • It is absolutely something college career centers do. Career center directors, counselors, and employer relations representatives have hundreds of students they are trying to place. We work collaboratively with these reps to pinpoint and place students who are specifically interested in working with small local businesses that operate within a sustainability or sustainable development framework and connect them directly with employers. Our service helps these students and companies get matched on a smaller scale and acts as a support for college career centers. Win, Win, Win!!

  • Are internships in-person or can they be for a remote position?

    • Most internships are in-person. However, we recognize the need to develop remote positions according to your business needs and will work with you to customize a plan to fit your goals.

  • Do I have to pay the interns?

    • Yes. Our best recommendation for equitable internships is that students be paid a minimum of $15/hr. for their work but we encourage our small business clients to consider a living wage of $17.70/hr. We work with our university partners to identify any assistance programs that help fund unpaid or underpaid internships. All wages are the responsibility of the host company.

  • Who are the students?

    • Students come from diverse backgrounds and programs of study. Sustainability stretches across the curriculum and students may be enrolled in HR, Marketing, Communications, Management, Design, the Arts, Business, Engineering, Sustainable Technologies, Renewable Energy, Environmental Studies and Management, Climate Science, Sustainable Development, Accounting, and many other college programs. Students are currently enrolled or have recently graduated from a regional college or university program.

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