Small Businesses

We know how much small business members put into their companies. Small SEEDS provides developmental supports that save time and money in recruitment and training costs, and improve turnover rates. We design sustainable employment, education, and development strategies that grow with your company.

Does this sound like you?

Who We'

  • Ability to support an intern through training and mentorship.

  • Ability to commit to an internship program for up to 16 weeks.

  • Willingness to mentor in the community


The average cost for recruiting a single employee is $4,129 and generally takes two months to place a good candidate.

Whether you use an agency or algorithmic search engine, this process is timely and expensive.

We connect companies with students ready to build a career in your industry.

We vet our student candidates and match them based on a strategically designed set of criteria .


Our services combine processes to streamline how companies recruit and train new hires.

Our custom internships target specific skills that add value to the training process.

We guide the internships according to the immediate and long term development goals of our small business clients and students, reducing the amount of time spent on training a talented candidate by beginning the training process while the student is completing their degree.


We support the immediate and long-term sustainable development of small businesses. Instead of a "one size fits all" model, our services are tailored to fit the needs of our clients and students. We use a whole quality approach to business development and work in concert with a number of organizations, agencies, and individuals to provide a scope of services focused on helping our students and clients be successful. 




  • What can I expect?

    • Contact us! We'll gather some general information and then speak with you directly to help pinpoint your company's needs and goals.

    • Next, we'll work with you to create an action plan or roadmap for achieving your goals and begin the intern matching process.

      • For internships, we find potential matches and set-up an externship (single day shadowing with your company). This step gives the student and company a chance to meet before entering a full internship.

    • You're set! We will monitor the internship's progression, perform a Mid-Tern* check-in, and follow-up when the internship is complete. Simple. Local. Hands-on and hassle-free!

  • Are internships in-person or can they be for a remote position?

    • Most extern and internships are in-person. However, we recognize the need to develop remote positions according to your business needs and will work with you to customize a plan to fit your goals.

  • How many interns can I hire?

    • You can hire 1-2 interns in one internship period.

  • Do I have to pay the interns?

    • Yes. Our best recommendation for equitable internships is that students be paid a minimum of $15/hr. for their work but we encourage our small business clients to consider a living wage of $17.70/hr. All wages are the responsibility of the host company.

  • Where are the students coming from?

    • Students come from many diverse backgrounds and programs of study. Students are currently enrolled or have recently graduated from a regional college or university program.