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The top reason internships fail comes down to preparation. We work with our small business clients and students to create impactful internships by setting them up for success from the beginning.


We start by collaboratively developing the internship documents that will be used to define the goals of the position. This keeps everyone on the same page and helps make the internship more manageable and productive.  We use customized plans to monitor each intern's progress, ensuring the process stays on track to meet the projected outcomes.

To advocate for the best result, we encourage our small business clients and students to contact us as early as possible to begin preparing for the internship. This gives us the time needed to coordinate with the company, college, and student to develop the best management plan for the internship.


Each college, university, and academic program has their own requirements and deadlines for internship proposals. We recommend using the timelines below to begin preparing.

Begin preparing a minimum of 3-6 months prior to the desired placement period so that you are ready.

Fall Internships:

Begin search in the previous fall or spring semesters

Spring Internships:

Begin search in the fall or previous spring semester

Summer Internships:

Begin search in the fall and early spring of the same academic year

**It is nearly impossible to place students over the summer as students may not be on campus and will have most likely already secured internships**