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Small SEEDS is a local-level connector for employers and students that are committed to reducing or eliminating negative impacts their work or operations have on their community, the environment, and society as a whole. We specialize in connecting small sustainable businesses who employ fewer than 250 staff members with talented students through purposeful internships and employment opportunities. We match companies and students based on skills, experience, position/program requirements, and shared missions and values.


Many small businesses lack the resources that larger corporations have to diversify their recruitment and hiring streams. On average, companies spend $4000 or more to recruit a single candidate and one and a half times the salary of any given position for hiring a replacement. This amount only increases when the hard and soft costs of hiring are taken into account. We work as a resource to fill this gap and create a continual stream of education and employment opportunities by connecting students and small businesses at a community level. 

It's an investment that pays off!

60% of students participate in an internship. 70% of employers offer their interns long-term positions. 80% of interns accept these offers.


Sustainability and sustainable development practices in business are strategies that entail creating long-term value in human, ecological, social, and economic environments to foster the longevity, equity, profitability, and productivity of their operations. We work with local small businesses and students to create long-term solutions to developing their companies and careers. We employ strategies that are adaptable, repeatable, and scalable. Our goal is to add value to recruitment and hiring streams, creating opportunity now and in the future. Our greatest hope is that we can help internalize these processes as a sustainable development resource for the people we work with.

Small SEEDS is a HUB certified small business based in Asheville, NC. We are a credentialed Small Business Enterprise and a registered vendor with the State of North Carolina.

What's the benefit ?

  • Increases human capital investments and gets resources to companies who need support.

  • Builds real world skills in real time for students and businesses.

  • Increases employment opportunities.

  • Increases the hiring pool of career-ready applicants.

  • Decreases the time businesses and students spend in the recruiting and hiring process.

  • Transfers cutting-edge information and resources from the classroom to the field.

  • Engages students in hands-on learning and earning.

  • Advances sustainable skill development and sustainable business model integration.

  • Propels companies and students into growing markets.

  • Strengthens local economies.

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