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At Small SEEDS, we believe that small businesses are the fabric of strong local economies. We work to create a pipeline for new hires by connecting small businesses with talented students, opening the door to long-term employment, filling temporary project needs, or advancing sustainable development goals. It's really that simple.


Human capital is critical to sustaining and improving the operations that drive business development. Traditional recruitment and hiring streams simply aren't enough to support workforce needs. Having a resource of career-ready applicants can help small businesses grow their companies sustainably. Hiring interns creates additional pathways for achieving these goals. Interns can provide a fresh perspective and a valuable extra set of hands!


With more than 10 public and private universities in our network, we use our extensive knowledge of collegiate systems to focus on opportunities that encompass skills development and the human capacity to support the functions of small businesses. Our reach enables us to contact thousands of students who are invested in their careers and committed to building their experience through internships. Many of these students are searching for companies in their community and opportunities to connect with them. We operate locally to facilitate these connections and take the time to build strong internships that are impactful for our clients and students.



 We want to remove the barriers small businesses face in utilizing interns. It can take more than more than 6 months of preparation just to set up an internship and begin working with a university to place a student. We work across multiple industries, institutions, and programs to connect diverse companies and students, saving time, money, and frustration. We have established contacts in academia and understand how to navigate these systems to optimize the process.


Sustainability is all about managing resources through sustainable processes. We work with local small businesses to create long-term solutions to developing their human capital resources, using strategies that are adaptable, repeatable, and scalable. Our goal is to help companies add value to their recruitment and hiring streams, now and in the future. Our greatest hope is that we can help small businesses adopt these processes and begin internalizing internships as a sustainable development resource.

Small SEEDS is a HUB certified small business based in Asheville, NC. We are a credentialed Small Business Enterprise and a registered vendor with the State of North Carolina.

What's the benefit ?


One of the biggest benefits in hiring Small SEEDS to manage the internship process is cost. You don't have to add more work to current staff searching for and recruiting an intern that would take away valuable time from existing responsibilities to the company. You're not hiring another full time staff member to handle this and you don't incur long-term expenses. We have flat-rate, up-front pricing that doesn't fluctuate from company to company. We work with our university partners to take advantage of any programs or grants that will help lower costs for company's who hire student interns.


Instead of struggling with how you might go about hiring an intern, we do it for you and teach you how to manage internships in the process. We also promote your company at hiring events each year, raising your community profile and attracting potential hires. It's a win-win-win!

Below are some of the spillover benefits that utilizing our services provides:

  • Increases human capital investments and gets resources to companies who need support.

  • Builds real world skills in real time for students and businesses.

  • Increases employment opportunities.

  • Increases the hiring pool of career-ready applicants.

  • Decreases the time businesses and students spend in the recruiting and hiring process.

  • Transfers cutting-edge information and resources from the classroom to the field.

  • Engages students in hands-on learning and earning.

  • Advances sustainable skill development and sustainable business model integration.

  • Propels companies and students into growing markets.

  • Strengthens local economies.