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Sustainable Education and Employment Development Strategies for Small Businesses and Students

Are You Thinking About Hiring An Intern or Searching for Qualified Employee Candidates? Are You Adding An Internship Program To Your Small Sustainable Business? Let's Get Started!


Finding and retaining qualified candidates for your company is a big investment. We help local employers develop value-adding strategies to stabilize employment streams by connecting them to a sustainable resource pool of talented student candidates.


Figuring out what you want from your career can be challenging. Finding an internship that supports your development can help define your academic and career goals. We work with local businesses to place students in roles that develops skills, experience, and professional connections.



Colleges and Universities play an integral role in how communities develop. We work with our institutional partners to support pathways for small businesses to engage with students in higher education programs while gathering valuable data on the efficacy of educational programs.

Building Resiliency in Small Business and Creating Careers with Purpose.

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