Sustainable Education, Employment, and Development Strategies for Small Businesses and Students


Small businesses put in a ton of work to make their companies successful. Interns offer a valuable extra set of hands in meeting project and team development needs, but finding and hiring students can seem like a hassle. We simplify this process by doing the legwork for you. We work with you to design an internship management plan that matches your goals and develop a resource pool of talented student candidates to meet those needs so you can focus on growing your business sustainably.



Figuring out what you want from your career can be challenging. Our internship program focuses on putting students to work in their industry and community while applying what they are learning in college. We do this by connecting students and companies locally. We work with you to define your academic and career goals and place you in an internship that supports your development. This is an incredible opportunity to build your experience and network connections.



Colleges and Universities play an integral role in how communities develop. We work with our institutional partners to create  pathways for small businesses to engage with students in higher education programs.  Connecting student interns with these companies promotes higher student retention and employment rates, in addition to providing valuable data on the kinds of educational programs that are working for these students and companies in real-time.

Simple. Local. Hands-on and hassle-free.

We make the connections that matter and put education to work for you!